10 Best Mac Cleaner App To Optimize Your System Of 2024

We love Macs! Period. There are so many reasons behind this inclination. For instance, Macs have a sleek design, their interface is straightforward and stylish, and they are colorful. However, Macs can get slow over time.

Therefore, we’ve come up with some of the best Mac cleaners apps for you. So, read this article in its entirety to learn about these cleaners in detail. Before we begin, you need to decide on the features that you want for your cleaner app.

That’s because all the apps listed in this article will have different features. Therefore, you’ll be confused regarding what you want after reading them. So, there’s that. Shall we begin?

Does Apple Have A Mac Cleaner?

Well, no. Apple does not have any designated Mac cleaners. Also, Apple does not recommend using third-party apps to clean Mac devices. However, there are so many Mac optimizers available on the internet that will surely clean your device without harming it.

Can I Clean My Mac For Free?

Yes, definitely. You can clean your Mac for free. There are so many apps that will help you clean your Mac for free in no time. Moreover, these apps work on any Mac device.

Therefore, whichever Mac you have, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. An app to clean Mac is a boon for it. That’s because such an app will clear all the junk files and malware from your Mac device.

Is It Safe To Use Mac Cleaner?

Well, why not? What do you think? I mean, it’s absolutely safe to use a third-party app cleaner. Apple doesn’t recommend using third-party app cleaners because it’s obvious. I mean, which company will ask you to use a third-party app on its device? Perhaps there isn’t any, I think. So, it’s definitely safe to use all of the best Mac cleaner apps that are listed in this article.

How To Clear RAM On Mac?

There are plenty of ways to clear RAM on your Mac and free up some space. The first way to clear RAM on your Mac is by shutting it down. What? You think I’m fooling you? Well, no, I’m not. Shutting down your Mac will help it clear some space on its own, putting the RAM to rest for a while.

Therefore, you can try shutting your Mac down. Secondly, you can update your Mac. If you haven’t updated your Mac for a while, you need to do it right now. This is the best way to clear RAM on your Mac.

You can do so by clicking on the Settings app of your Mac. In the Settings app, you’ll be able to update your Mac if it’s due for an update. If you don’t have any software update available at the moment, you can access the Activity Monitor on your Mac and clear the RAM.

The Activity Monitor is an app on your Mac. You can search it by clicking on the Search option somewhere on the top right corner of your Mac. Then, you need to type Activity Monitor and click on it. 

I’ve attached some screenshots of these steps to help you go into the Activity Monitor on your Mac. However, if that doesn’t work, you can try some of the best Mac cleaning software listed in this article. These will help like nothing else does. Now, let’s take a look at the apps.


Top 5 Cleaner For Mac: Comparison Table

Feature/Tool MacBooster 8 Cleaner One Pro CleanMyMac X MacKeeper CCleaner For Mac
One Click Cleaner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uninstaller Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Startup Manager Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Duplicate Remover Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Security Virus & Malware Scan No Malware Removal Antivirus and Adware Cleaner No
Free Version 14 Day Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $29.95/year $29.95/year $39.95/year $40.95/year $29.95/year
What’s Unique Turbo Boost Find Large Files Updataer, Maintenance ID Theft Guard Analyze Photos


10 Best Mac Cleaning Software 2024

1. MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8

One of the best cleaner apps for Mac is the MacBooster 8. This stunner works wonderfully on your Mac. It allows you to better manage the hard disk on your Mac with its user-friendly approach. S

ystem Junk, Turbo Boost, Startup Optimizer, Memory Clean and Virus & Malware Scan, to name a few, are some of its features. Now you can imagine why this is the best app to clean Mac. Moreover, you need to try MacBooster 8 because it scans your Mac in a trice.

It has a tool that helps you remove all the duplicate files on your Mac. The interface of this cleaner is easy. Also, you can check out the free-trial version of MacBooster 8 any time.

2. Cleaner One Pro

Cleaner One Pro For Mac

If you don’t ever want to see the bad part of your Mac, you need to install Cleaner One Pro on your Mac. This app lets you clean your Mac in a pinch of time. From Memory Optimization to System Monitoring, the Cleaner One Pro app offers you every possible feature that you can expect.

It helps you optimize the performance of your Mac with just one click, that’s what the app says. You surely need to try this one. You can also view the real time usage of memory on your Mac with this app. This is one of the best Mac cleaner apps that you can get for your Mac.

3. CleanMyMac X


Out of all the Mac optimizers listed in this article, this one has the best user interface. CleanMyMac X offers you a great list of tools that you can take help of in cleaning your device.

This app will help you clean both your Mac storage and iTunes app. Therefore, you can understand how effective it is. The best part with this app is that it only charges you $39.95. So, you can get this Mac cleaning software for your device.

4. MacKeeper

Mac Keeper

If you want to free your Mac from unwanted files and malware, you better install MacKeeper on your device. This is the best Mac cleaner app that offers a bunch of features like Memory Cleaner, Adware Cleaner, Antivirus, and much more.

Therefore, it’s good to have this on your Mac. This app also includes paid VPN services, so you don’t have to worry about the VPN services anymore. Moreover, this is one of those cleaner apps that offers you 24*7 tech support. So, there you go!

5. CCleaner

CCleaner For Mac

CCleaner 1.18.30 is another best app that you can get for yourself. It enables you to clear all the cookies and cache on your Mac, while analyzing photos and videos on your Mac. Moreover, this app to clean Mac even allows you to find duplicates and work on a clean browser for fluent work.

It’s free for home use. Also, the professional account of CCleaner will automatically clear the browsing history on your device. Mark my words, this one will be a boon for your Mac.

6. Daisy Disk

daisy disk for mac

Now that you’ve made it so far to the middle of this article, let me share with you another best Mac cleaner app for your device. If you want to do something about the invaluable disk space on your Mac, install Daisy Disk 4 on your Mac.

This app offers you the best level of file management which you can’t get anywhere else. Moreover, the malware removal that this app offers stands out among the ocean of cleaner apps for Mac.

You know what, you can also check out your cloud storage and manage it effectively and efficiently with the help of Daisy Disk.

Also, not to forget the chic and alluring graphical representation that this app offers. This is one of the best features in any app. The graphical representation of each process allows you to get a closer look at it.

7. Onyx

OnyX for Mac

The incredible level of customization, coupled with a set of features, of this app will help you loads. There are a great many features that this Mac optimizer offers you. These are: user repair permissions, database management, file structure reorganization, hard disk structure management and index restoration. Now, what do you think of this app? Isn’t it one of the best? Well, I thought so.

This free and powerful toolset should surely be on your radar if you want nothing but the best. The best part with Onyx is that it has versions for older Macs. Therefore, I’m sure this Mac cleaning software is your best bet, even if you have an old Mac.

8. MacCleaner Pro 2

MacCleaner Pro 2

Even though this app offers you a myriad of utilities, its high performance will leave you spellbound. From providing you with a good user interface and smooth management to replying to your email requests speedily, MacCleaner Pro 2 does it all.

However, the only con in this app is that it installs some other third-party apps on your Mac with itself. These apps are: App Cleaner & Uninstaller, Disk Space Analyzer Pro, Duplicate File Finder Pro, Funter, and Memory Cleaner.

But that’ll not be much of an issue because you can uninstall these apps as and when you like. On our list of best Mac cleaner apps of 2023, this one stands tall because of its powerful and easy to understand tutorial system. Its tutorial system allows you to understand the many features that it has.

Moreover, the MacCleaner Pro 2 even allows you to view the hidden files on your Mac and clean them. So, I think this one is great too! What do you think? See, there are plenty of cleaners available on the internet.

However, the ones that are listed here, have something more than meets the eye. For instance, many apps on the internet can cause your Mac to be slow instead of fast because of viruses. Therefore, you need to be sure before you download an app from the internet. In that sense, you can trust the authenticity of the apps shown in this article. Let’s move on to the next one now.

9. Avast One

Avast One Cleaner For Mac

By now you must be tired of reading about the similar features of the aforesaid cleaner apps. Therefore, I’ve come up with a great app to clean Mac that offers something that the other apps don’t. So, let’s talk about it. Avast One, the best cleaner, offers a unique image detection technology.

Now, with the help of this technology, you can check out all your photos for duplicate, over-exposed, under-exposed, blurry and poor-quality photos.

Now, what do you think of this app? Moreover, the Scan Center of this app offers you a bunch of other features as well. For instance, the Avast One will allow you to run a smart scan on your Mac. This feature will enable you to better clean your Mac like nothing else does. Now, let’s move on to the last app on our list.

10. Disk Drill

Disk Drill Cleaning App For Mac

If you want to analyze your data and manage all the available space on your Mac then you need to check out this app. Disk Drill is a cleaner app for Mac that comes with some user-friendly features, like data shredder, duplicate file finder, backup tools, and more such apps. This app manages the health of your Mac disk like nothing else does. Therefore, you need to trust your Mac computer with this app.

Its user-interface will make you feel as if you’re working on the Activity Monitor app on your Mac device. That’s because this app is pretty straightforward like the Activity Monitor when it comes to disk management. However, one con of this app is that it doesn’t have an antivirus installed in it.

But that shouldn’t dissuade you from installing this Mac optimizer. That’s because there are so many features that you can get with this app. So, there you go!

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the best Mac cleaning softwares that you can get for your Mac. Each of these softwares or apps has something more than meets the eye in terms of features. If you’d ask me to pick one best app from this list, I’d really recommend you choose the MacBooster 8. MacBooster 8 is the best in the business. Therefore, you should definitely get this one.

However, this doesn’t mean that all the other apps listed in this article aren’t good enough. It’s just that choosing an app from this list depends on what you’re seeking and the bunch of features that you’re looking for.

So, which clean app will you choose for your Mac? Tell us your answers in the comments section. Moreover, if you have any questions, shoot them up in the comments section. We will be happy to help you!

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