21 Must Have, Essential and Best Apps For Macbook Pro

Top Essential Must Have MacBook Pro Apps

Table Of Contents: Essential Apps For MacBook Pro Productivity Apps: 1. Notion (Free) 2. Slack (Free) 3. Parallels Desktop ($99.99) 4. Hazel ($42) 5. Deliveries (Free) 6. Evernote (Free) Apps For Better User Experience: 7. Alfred 8. Unclutter 9. Bartender 4 10. Amphetamine Photo and Video Editing Apps: 11. GIMP 12. Pixelmator Pro 13. Handbrake … Read more

Top 10 Best Xcode Alternatives for Mac [2023]

Best Xcode Alternatives for Mac

What is Xcode?  Best Xcode Alternatives for Mac to Use in 2023  Visual Studio for Mac Eclipse Swift JetBrains CLion Code::Blocks NetBeans PyCharm QT OutSystems CodeRunner Conclusion The task of creating apps on macOS becomes so much simple with Xcode. When it comes to naming the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tools, Xcode definitely tops … Read more

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