How To Take SS on Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro

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Learn How To Capture SS on Mac Using Different Ways

1. Built-in Keyboard shortcut method

2. The built-in Screenshot Menu Method To Take SS On Mac

3. Third-Party Screenshot App


Frequently Asked Questions


Mac has shifted to its new Processors M1 and M2 and you must be wondering if the screenshot steps changed. Well, for all those speculating, we have the solutions in this blog. Let us tell you how to take ss on Mac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro in easy ways.

Earlier macOS used to have an application called Grab. It was later replaced with the Screenshot app on macOS Mojave. But later on Apple users, We use the manual method given by Apple and also a third-party application to enhance your productivity. 

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Learn How To Capture SS on Mac Using Different Ways –

1. Built-in Keyboard Shortcut Method –

built in method to take ss on mac

Many of the regular users do not wish to get extra software for it and therefore must learn how to ss on Mac using this method. The keyboard shortcut for Mac is CMD + SHIFT + 3. This will capture the entire screen of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac. 

built in method to ss on mac

Now to select a region on the screen of your Mac, you need to use this command – 

CMD + SHIFT + 4. This turns your mouse cursor into a crosshair which can be used to select the region on your screen. Upon selection leave the mouse and then it will quickly capture the screenshot of the region. 

capture ss on mac

This is how to take ss on Mac with a selected region option. Next, we would learn how to grab the screenshot of a window on Mac.

grab ss on mac

This will require you to use the SHIFT + Command + 4 + Space bar on your keyboard. Capture ss on Mac once you see the cursor turn into camera and select the window. 

take ss on macbook

Note: To cancel the action, press Esc key on your keyboard.

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2. The built-in Screenshot Menu Method To Take SS On Mac

You can launch the screenshot menu on Mac by pressing Cmd + Shift + 5 and a small panel will appear at the bottom of your display with screen capture options. The screen capture menu has three options which include an Entire screen, A window, and a selection of screen.

That is not all, the screen capture menu also provides options for screen recording as well, these options include recording the entire screen and recording a selection of screens. 

built in screenshot method on mac

You can also decide where the screenshots and screen records are going to be saved from the Options drop-down menu on the screenshot menu. The options drop menu also lets you set delay, preview, and other options to share the screenshots.

You can also decide whether to include the mouse cursor in your screenshot or screen recording or not from the Options drop down menu. Finally when you take a screenshot, a floating thumbnail displays your captured screenshot in the lower right of the screen for preview.  

Where are screenshots saved?

Now that you have learnt how to take ss on Mac with the different inbuilt methods, let us find out how to view them. As many of the users have this query and find it puzzling to locate the captured screenshots on the storage. Apple provides a dedicated space for saving screenshots and that is on the desktop.

If you are unable to find it there, it means the location has been changed as Mac allows you to change the default location.   

Note: Remember this only works for macOS Mojave and above. 

3. Third-Party Screenshot App – 

There are many free third-party screenshot apps available with a lot more additional features compared to the built-in method for Mac such as Lightshot. This screenshot app lets you capture any section of your Mac screen and then uploads the image to its server, from where you can share the short link easily.

The app provides many image editing tools including annotations, add lines, arrows, and drawing options, which you can use to create a shareable image to improve productivity. 

Some of the notable features available with Lightshots are Fast screenshot area selection, a simple user interface, share images online, an intuitive image editor, and search similar images.  

Once you learn how to take ss on Mac, they can be easily shared on Twitter and Facebook using Lightshot.  

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Conclusion –

This will help you in finding the ways to capture the screen on your Mac. Use any of the aforementioned methods as per your suitability to take screenshot on MacBook Pro other devices. Apple’s provided with an easy inbuilt method but you can use one of the third party applications as well.

They can help you with easy edits, additions, highlights and annotations. According to your usage you can always check for the free or paid versions of the screenshot apps for Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. How do you take screenshots on a MacBook?

You can take help from the screenshot  for Mac to capture images in different modes. Or find out how to use the built-in method to take ss on MacBook. 

Q2. How do you take a screenshot on a Mac with a keyboard?

Apple comes with a inbuilt methods to grab the screenshots on Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro. Capture ss on Mac using these keyboard commands – 

  • Command + Shift + 3: Full screen
  • Command + Shift + 4: Selected region
  • Command + Shift + 4 + Space bar: Selected window or menu 

Q3. How do I copy a screenshot quickly on a Mac?

To copy a screenshot on Mac, press the CTRL key while taking the screenshot. This will copy the captured image and then you can paste it on the desired location. You can also use the Universal Clipboard to transfer the screenshots to other connected Apple devices.

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